We have Off The Boat gear, fresh caught live lobsters and live steamer clams for sale at the dock. We also offer our tender, sweet lobsters cooked right on site for you! Our lobsters are caught daily just outside the mouth of York Harbor, and we boil them right in the seawater from our location. Lobsters are cooked to go and will stay warm for about an hour in the packaging we provide. Perfect to bring home after a day at the beach OR picked up on your way to the beach for a picnic!

We’ve dedicated an entire section of our Lobster 101 page to help you Plan Your Trip to the Dock. It’s worth a quick read to help you plan what to bring. (For example, if you bring a cooler, we have everything needed to safely pack your live lobsters for travel!)

Dock prices and online prices are completely different because online prices include express overnight shipping. While our website is equipped for credit card sales, the dock is still cash only!

The dock is closed for the season, but you can still order OTBL gear and fresh lobsters by mail!

We highly recommend calling ahead to avoid a wait! 207.337.8885

2 Seabury Road, York, Maine 03909 »